Golden Hour Mosquito Repellent

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A clean bug spray that works deet-free, the way it should be. This first-of-its-kind formula repels mosquitos with a unique strain of indonesian citronella that's more effective than any other we've found. But don't worry, we put it through independent trials just to be sure. Golden hour does the trick, and smells amazing, too—think a little bit citrus, a little bit vanilla. Like proud parents, we could gush about golden hour forever.

  • Size: 3.0 oz
  • Individual bottle dimensions: 1.75" length x 1.75" width x 5" height
  • Active ingredients: Citronella oil (10.00%) Lemongrass oil (1.00%) Clove oil (0.01%)
  • Inert ingredients: (88.99%): isopropyl alcohol, lauric acid, water, vanillin
  • Perfect for summer vacation, labor day, and back to school!


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