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Beautifully made lollipops by Sweet Caroline Confections. The perfect item to add to any gift. All lollipops measure 2 1/4" in diameter.


  • Butterfly Lollipop - Guava flavor, 100% edible die-cut watercolor butterflies inside our delicious clear candy; our signature glitter throughout
  • Daisy Lollipop- Mandarin Orange flavor, gorgeous edible daisy; golden sparkles with white glitter throughout
  • Funfetti VEGAN Marshmallow Lollipop - Marshmallow flavor, multicolored sprinkles in our signature clear sparkly (and delicious!) hard candy
  • Gold Sparkle Lollipop - Black Cherry flavor, clear  sparkly candy with gorgeous golden sugar crystals
  • Sunflower Lollipop - Black Cherry flavor, gorgeous edible sunflower with golden sparkles and white glitter throughout
  • Mexican Flower Lollipop - Melon flavor, edible flowers surrounded by our delicious signature hard candy; our handcrafted gold flakes and gold edible glitter make an appearance
  • Rosé Wine Lollipop - Rosé Wine flavor, gorgeous rose gold are made with real alcohol (less than 1%) with our handcrafted gold flakes and edible glitter
  • Unicorn Lollipop - Strawberry flavor, hand-cut and painted unicorn, pink pearls and shimmery gold crystals


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