Moroccan Leather Slippers

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Color: Blue

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The open-back, traditional "Babouche" slipper is a throwback to 17th-century French courtiers whose main cares were luxury and appearance. With the exaggerated point at the toes and the particular softness of the leather, these slippers were popular centuries ago and the style was recently featured as a Vogue must-have. 

The tanneries in Fez and Marrakech are famous for their brilliant colors and assortment of hides. Despite the awful stench from the tanning process (which is counteracted by holding many mints close to your nose), the colors and variety of hides are breathtaking – if you will pardon the pun. Vegetable dyes such as saffron (yellow), mint (green), poppy flower (red), indigo (blue), henna (orange), and cedarwood (brown) are used to create these gorgeous hues.


  • SMALL: EU (37-38) US 6-7
  • MEDIUM: EU (39-40) US 8-9

* NOTE: Sizes may vary due to the hand-made nature of artisan work. Also, due to the leather material, the slippers will get larger because they will stretch out over time.


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