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Sleepy Baby Bath Bomb Chamomile

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This bomb has one purpose...to relax your kids before bed so that they go to sleep. That leaves your evening open to do whatever you want to do, whether it be watching a movie, taxes, or simply sitting alone in a quiet house. Made with essential oils of lavender and chamomile which both calm and relax, everyone is sure to benefit from the aroma. Italian olive oil is added for luxurious moisture. This bath bomb is sure to put the little ones in the mood for bed!

This bath bomb is topped with a dried chrysanthemum flower which is healing and safe for babies. Note: Bath bombs do contain oil and can make the tub a little slippery! Please be careful.


  • Sodium Bicarbonate, Non-GMO Citric Acid*, Olive Oil*, Lavender Oil*, Chamomile Absolut*, Jojoba Oil*, Chrysanthemum*
  • *Indicates certified organic


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