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Gardener Lattice Hat

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Summertime straw hat with 4-inch brim; UPF 50+

A summertime classic, the Tula Lattice Gardener Hat loves long days on the water and hanging out in the backyard. Its 4-inch-wide brim helps give this sustainable straw hat a UPF 50+ rating, the highest possible. Stay-put features will conquer all - in the wisteria or the whitewater. Unisex straw hat sizing means it looks great on all genders but could be a problem when you realize your significant other took it without telling you.


  • Get outside in the Tula Lattice Gardener hat. It'll stay put with a soft sweatband and nylon chinstrap. The wide 4" brim with 50+ UPF sun protection will help you break on through to the other side.
  • Lattice vents around the crown allow heat out and cool air in for ultimate comfort.
  • Handy nylon chinstrap lets you secure it on your head or wear it on your back when indoors.
  • The elastic stretch sweatband enables the Lattice Gardener to be adjusted to fit perfectly to your head.
  • Lightweight palm material is cleans easily, dries quickly and it floats!
  • All Tula hats have been tested by California Polytechnic State University and were awarded the 50+ UPF rating, the highest possible for sun protective gear.
  • Reshaping is as simple as a water spritz and re-sizing as easy as a trip to the hardware store! Tula recommends cutting 3/4" poly foam water seal (at a hardware store near you) into 4-6" long strips and placing them behind the sweatband for a more secure fit.


  • S/M: 56-57 cm / 22-22.5 inches / 7-7 1/8 hat size
  • L/XL: 57-61 cm / 22.75-24 inches / 7 1/4-7 5/8 hat size


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