Hydra Collagen Neck Mask

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A replenishing hydra-gel mask, specifically formulated to protect, repair and smooth the thin, delicate skin on your neck. Like a skin love affair to remember, the hydra-gel mask nestles into the dermis with a snug fit, leaving it soft and never greasy. Infused with low molecular marine collagen and a potent peptide complex, the targeted formula sinks into skin like a nourishing embrace, helping to restore and plump, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Five types of hyaluronic acid support elasticity and deliver dewy hydration for long-lasting firmness and a super bounce factor. 24K gold sparkles and nourishes for a tightening effect and luxurious experience, no matter your skincare love language.

Benefits: + hydrates and smooths sagging and wrinkling skin. + helps tighten and contour skin, improving the appearance of visible neck aging. + helps correct & prevent dullness, discoloration and dark spots.


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