French Girl

Jasmin Coconut Milk Bath

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WHAT'S INSIDE: French Girl Jasmin Coconut Milk Bath is an effervescent powder-based bath soak that instantly moisturizes and softens skin for a luxurious new way to unwind.

THE SUPERSTARS: Epsom Salt & Pink Himalayan Salt are rich in minerals like magnesium, which help to soothe and relax aching muscles.

SYNTHETIC-FREE FORMULA: A Jasmin Essential Oil Blend that is free of synthetic fragrances. Scent notes of Cabreuva, Clementine, Ylang Ylang, and two types of Jasmin (Grandiflorum & Sambac) essential oils create a soothing aroma.

WATER-FREE: We use rich butters & oils to replace the water in our formulations.   

WELLNESS BENEFITS: Soothes aching muscles & joints, Encourages relaxation, Promotes self-care


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