French Girl

Neroli Blossom Floral Mist

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What's inside: French Girl Néroli Floral Mist is a refreshing, hydrating floral toner to clarify and prep the skin, and restore PH balance for additional skincare rituals. Approved for sale in the uk/eu

The superstars: Holy Basil and Lemon Verbena are natural floral distillates that help your skin adapt to stress and restore balance. Neroli blossom hydrosol carries the calming and restorative properties of Neroli essential oil without the potential allergic sensitivity. Hydrosols are distilled directly from plant material and are more potent and less irritating than toners made with fragrance oils or alcohol.

Silicone-free formula: Potent, plant-based, powerhouse ingredients that support a healthy-looking skin barrier. 

Water-free: We use Flower Hydrosols to replace the water in our formulations.   

Skin concerns:  Dehydrated, Dullness, Inflammation.


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