Ocean Cleansing Milk *In-Store ONLY PURCHASE

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IN-STORE ONLY PURCHASE.   PLEASE EMAIL US AT studio.opal.boutique@gmail.com.  Send me a list of what you would like and we will send you an invoice. If you are a first-time shopper, you will receive 10% off!

Moisturizing, creamy cleanser gently removes makeup and surface impurities.

Our fragrance-free, nourishing cleanser melts away makeup and impurities without stripping the skin’s moisture barrier. It gently cleanses to promote a clean, radiant complexion. This pH-balanced formula soothes dry skin so it’s left feeling smooth, healthy, and hydrated. Dermatologist-approved and safe for sensitive skin.

Key ingredients

Undaria seaweed: Rich in amino acids, antioxidants, and nutrients to mineralize the skin.
Skin identical moisturizing complex (saccharide isomerate): Provides hydration for healthier-looking skin.
Witch hazel: Alcohol-free astringent gently cleanses to refresh skin.
Safflower seed oil: Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E to nourish and moisturize skin.
Glycerin: Gently moisturizes, smooths, and hydrates.


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