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Vintage Dhurrie Rug

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A durry is a traditional flat weave rug commonly found in India, sometimes called a “humble carpet.” Our brightly colored vintage Salawas Durries are made to last, with hand-stitched durable materials.  It can be used on the floor like a carpet, in the garden, as a picnic blanket (due to less weight & ease to carry), or as a wall hanging. Durry is named differently in different countries and goes by other names like Tapis (Teppich), Tapestries, Calim, Tapeti, Trapis, Alphomra, Rugs & many more... The Durries are weaved on village looms in vibrant designs and motifs. 


  • Size: Approx. 72'' x 36'' x 1/4''

Note: Each is unique and colors, patterns + sizes may vary slightly.


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